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How to pick the perfect exterior painting for your house?

If you find it challenging to select the right exterior paint colour, we’ve got you covered. This blog helps you understand the simple steps to select the right combination of exterior paint available. Exterior painting in Auckland is one crucial element that instantly elevates your home’s curb appeal to another level. 

Your home’s exterior is the first thing visitors will notice, and the paint colour you select influences the external view of the property. Apart from aesthetics, exterior painting is essential to lure potential buyers and increase property value by several notches. 

However, homeowners find it difficult to choose the right paint colours as numerous options are available out there. It is hard to evaluate which is the suitable shade for your property. Moreover, there are other questions like the number of layers of paint, durability, and quality.

Start with the sketch of your house

You can use watercolours to determine the right colour combinations and narrow down your options. In addition, you can consider free software or visualizer available to assist you in choosing the best exterior paint shade for your home. 

Make the most of these cutting-edge technologies to find the best colour combination that syncs well with your property. You need to keep the existing colour of the exterior as it is hard to change.

Think before you execute a complete makeover

It would be better to use lighter or dark shades rather than entirely for a new colour for some accents. It is not just about the paint colour, but you can add some architectural details like window trims. These are trivial elements of your house but can be a significant aspect of the overall property view. You can gradually increase your home’s curb appeal by focusing on trivial things as well.

Specific colours like roof shingles, stonework, and driveways cannot be changed, so you need to pick a colour that perfectly aligns with all these elements. Then, you can consider the undertones between these elements and choose colours that combine all these as the same entity.

Take your home’s architectural style into consideration

Whether you have a traditional style building or a contemporary bungalow, your exterior paint colour should be appropriate and do justice to the architectural style. If you are not sure about the right color, get in touch with the experts. An experienced painter can help you find the right exterior paint shade easily. Moreover, some paint manufacturers are also offering historically accurate colours, which you consider. Get in touch with the painting contractors in Auckland and select the best colour.

 Consider various paint shades

An exterior paint palette can be categorized into three major parts: field colour, accent colour, and other trivial parts. Seek a delicate balance between all three categories to get a good look. Whether it is roof shingles or tiles, ensure that your exterior painting balances well with the natural tones of these elements.

Give preference to your personal choice

Creativity and experimentations are good but ensure that you have a professional to evaluate your choices. You can get the assistance of painting professionals and determine the suitable choice from your personal choices. Your ideas will stand out and elevate your home’s curb appeal in no time. Whether it is warm or vibrant shade, check with the painters to know how it will reflect your home’s external view.

The above-specified tips are way too easy for homeowners to tag along. If you are trying to find an excellent exterior paint colour, ensure that you carefully choose the shade by considering all essential aspects. Discussing with the skilful advisors can help you select the best colour for your home exteriors. 

Keeping the budget in mind is vital as the cost is one crucial factor while starting your home improvement project. Ensure you don’t splurge more than the estimated cost and get the job done perfectly.  

It is essential to connect with the experts who can provide complete advice on choosing the best exterior paint colour. As a trusted painting company, ABC Painters offers the best assistance to all our customers. Regardless of your budget, we can provide the best painting services in Auckland without burning holes in your pocket. Our experienced exterior house painters will be there to start the painting job from scratch and update every piece of information regarding the project.


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  1. Thank you for covering this topic. Picking the perfect exterior painting for the house is always a difficult task. I agree with the fact that exterior painting can elevate the home curb appeal to another level and lure potential buyers and increase property value by several notches. There are numerous cutting-edge technologies available to find the best color combinations that sync well with the property. It is always a good idea to consult a professional expert for making the right decision. I am from UAE. In my villa, I used Caparol Paints exterior paint solutions. Caparol Paints is the leading paint manufacturer in UAE. They provide eco-friendly outdoor paints with weatherproof and UV protection.

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