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5 Signs that nudge homeowners to repaint their house in North Shore Auckland

Painting your house is one of the exciting yet daunting home improvement projects. Moreover, it’s not another DIY task that you homeowners can complete with some tools and luxurious paints to achieve a professional finish. Anybody can paint, but it requires experience, expertise and advanced equipment to achieve exemplary results. 

This is why most homeowners hire the best house painters in North shore Auckland to get the job done. Being one of your most significant assets, your home requires a good makeover when it’s time. But people don’t understand how often the house should be painted. Putting off painting for a few more years can deteriorate your home slowly. 

Painting is one of the substantial investments that elevate your home’s integrity and protect it from hazardous elements. As per the experts, painting your home every 5-10 years would suffice. The surface type, paint quality, and signs of wear and tear are all considered important factors in assessing the frequency of a painting project. 

Scrutinizing your building walls may sound monotonous, but proper maintenance will only help you achieve good looks and maintain the building in good condition. If you want to know whether it’s time to repaint the home, continue reading to understand the signs.


Every home’s exterior endures exposure to environmental factors and unprecedented weather conditions. It clearly implies that the exterior wall paint is fading, and UV rays can break the paint’s chemical bonds, letting the pigment fade quickly. You will find significant differences comparing the unexposed places to those affected by the sun. 

You might consider exterior house painting in North Shore Auckland if certain places are darker. Remember that the paint shades also matter a lot, and darker shades fade faster than other hues. If your exterior walls look fine, remember that there is an expiration date for trends and colours. Outdated and unattractive wall paint colours need a fresh coat that enhances the home’s value and curb appeal.

Peeling or cracking

If you notice any peeling or cracking in your wall, there are no excuses to delay your paint job. The paint starts pealing when there are water vapours between the paint and the structure, which separates the paint from the surface. Peeling paint often implies a leak or awful ventilation system at home. 

Peeling paint not only deteriorates your home’s aesthetics but also elucidates the problems behind the wall. Cracks in your exterior paint are one of the signs that you shouldn’t ignore, which can result in paint chipping or flaking off from the walls. Homeowners can’t ignore these two signs as they don’t disappear on their own, and it is vital to take necessary action. House painting in North Shore Auckland is the only way when you identify these kinds of problems.


Caulking is a waterproof filler that hardens due to exposure to extreme weather conditions. If you notice hardened caulking, check when you painted the house. It might be the right time to call the painting experts soon.

Paint chalking

You will find chalking in the external walls of the property as exposure to sunlight gradually deteriorates the binder that holds paint, necessitating a new coat of paint as early as possible. Ensure you get the exterior house painting in North Shore Auckland every three to seven years. At times, individuals avoid painting jobs with the aim of saving money, but the longer people wait, the bigger the job becomes.

Mould growth

If the walls of your home are damp or poorly ventilated, the painting will be the best choice to cease mould growth. Whether it is windows, doors’ wooden sidings, gutters or rooms with little to no ventilation, you can spot mould growth in these areas. 

Most people use particular pesticides, but removing the mould and repainting the area would be better. A regular painting job may seem to be a daunting task. However, it is essential to understand the benefits. From luring the visitors to keeping your walls safe, a new can of paint and painting experts with tools can give your home the much-needed makeover.

The Takeaway

As specified earlier, painting your home every 5-10 years would help, and it also depends on several factors. Wood painting surfaces can be painted every four to seven years. However, aluminium siding nudges homeowners to paint once in five years. Moreover, the exterior and interior paint durability can change as the former endure harsh weather conditions daily.

Get in touch with the best painters who will help you to get the job done in no time. With several years of experience in the painting industry, we offer the best painting services to every homeowner in North Shore, Auckland.

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